Thai Cooking School
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  hailand is a tropical country rich with fruits and herbs. The abundance of natural resources and the fertility of the land comes together to create
Thailand as a fascinating country.

Being Thai is comparable to many things put together like a harmonious potpourri of fashion, as reflected in the smile, the warm welcome of Thai people or even the exquisite Thai arts.

Nevertheless, nothing reflects being Thai as well as Thai cuisine. Every menu and every dish is an orchestra of flavor; sour, sweet, spicy, salty or even bitter symbolizing human life in the aspect of various human emotions; laughter, tears, smile, pain or even anger. Each Thai dish contains at least one type of herb due to the therapeutic reference and Thai belief that herbs can heal illnesses and treat the body.

Students can enjoy sampling and selecting their own fresh and organic ingredients from the herb garden.
When students first arrive, they will be treated with delicious Thai herbal juices that come from the garden.
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